Abortion Pills in South Africa

The Abortion Pill (Medication Abortion)


This may be a good option for you if you are between 5 weeks and 9 weeks pregnant. After 9 weeks, you’ll need a surgical in-clinic abortion. This method works using two pills. abortion pill) will be taken first. Then another pill needs to be taken 6-48 hours afterward. It will cause cramping and bleeding as it empties your uterus.

A Minor Same-Day Surgical Procedure (Procedure Abortion)

Surgical abortion is recommended if you’re in your first trimester (when you’re up to 14 weeks pregnant) as it is safer during this period. It can, however, also be suitable if you’re in your second trimester (when you’re up to 20 weeks pregnant) although this surgery is more complicated. Lucky Women’s Clinic offers safe abortions for unwanted pregnancies for up to 20 weeks

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Having access to safe, legal abortions will help women take control of their sexual and reproductive health. Dr Lucky Women’s Clinic  South Africa and Blue Ribbon are running the #MyBodyMyChoice campaign to empower women with accurate information and resources on safe abortions. Let’s move towards a South Africa where all women can proudly say “I am in control of my body!”