Where Can I Get Abortion Pills


Dr Lucky Women’s Clinic is one of the legal, and most specialized abortion Doctors in the world. We have assisted great individuals like models, artists, great political leaders among others.

 Finding out that you are pregnant and you are still student disappoints a lot. That’s why Dr Lucky has setup a Variety of Abortion Clinics World Wide to reduce on the rate of female school drop outs due to unwanted pregnancies. No student will ever be allowed to join any class when the administration or parents find-out that she is pregnant.

The pills are the kind of pills which terminate the pregnancy. But they should only be used under the supervision of a medical doctor. That’s why Lucky is hereby  to help all female currying unwanted pregnancies. It should be noted that these termination pills should only be used under a medical Doctor’s supervision like Dr Lucky

As seen above, these are the termination pills they are being sucked like sweets

Dr Lucky is an Abortion doctor with a wide range of experience in women problems like abortion, in fertility, Menstruation problems among others. We have branches all over the country and a well-organized team of health care which offers the best care.